You can save lives in Ukraine

this Christmas

When you are sitting in a cold house and someone brings you wood – that’s what a miracle looks like. Ukrainian Christians are desperate to help families who are freezing this winter. They have the hands – what will you put in them?

Winter is coming in Ukraine. Temperatures drop as low as minus 25 degrees at night, and people literally die from the cold. They need you to stand with Ukrainian Christians, be good Samaritans, and help them.

“Believers are the only ones who are helping us,” says Alexander, whose family had to flee their town because of constant shooting. They’re still living near the line of conflict, but Alexander says that the scariest experience for his family is the onset of winter.

“We wouldn’t be living here if not for the Christians,” he says.

Young children in Ukraine look at the camera
Please help children like these stay warm in Ukraine this winter.

An estimated 1.8 million Ukrainians are living as internally displaced people. Many thousands of them are staying in inadequate housing and are unable to afford firewood or heaters to keep themselves warm this Christmas. While most aid agencies have now pulled out of Ukraine, local Christian pastors continue to stay and serve.

Christians are a lifeline for thousands of Ukrainians who are struggling to stay alive. But these pastors need your help to provide the supplies that families like Alexander’s desperately need: ceramic heaters, firewood, water heaters and thermal underwear to keep their children warm at night.

A mother in Ukraine sits with her two young children.

BMS World Mission is a Christian charity that has been partnering with Ukrainian pastors since 2015. The highest goal of all we do is to bring people to faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and an experience of the abundant life that only he can provide.

With the help of the UK Church, we have been providing food and winter essentials for pastors to distribute to some of Ukraine’s most desperate people as the war with Russia continues.

Often, we feel that nobody cares for us. But with believers, we see the difference

The pastors don’t discriminate by religion or politics – they assess who’s in greatest need, and they help them. Despite the risks, they stay. And while we all wish that the conflict was over, it isn’t. That’s why we’re asking you to help them this year.

For as little as six pounds, you can keep a whole family warm for a week. And for just £14, you can protect a child from the cold all winter by buying them a set of thermal underwear.

“I think the Church should help those in need,” says Pastor Sacha, who cried as he spoke to us about the violence in his country. He works in Ukraine’s ‘grey zone’ and sees daily the impact the conflict is having on the poorest and most vulnerable people.

“Any one of us could be that beaten person. And each one of us can be the Good Samaritan.”

You can be the Good Samaritan in Ukraine. Christians are now known as the people who help. The people who stay.

An elderly woman in Ukraine stands by firewood
Please help the elderly keep warm during the freezing months ahead in Ukraine.

Nedia, who lives just four miles from the frontline, has noticed that Christians are the only ones helping her. That Christians are the only ones who care. In the evenings, she still hears gunshots. The Ukrainian army are ensconced on one side of her town, the Russian separatists on the other.

“I feel constant fear inside,” Nedia says. “Often, we feel that nobody cares for us. But with believers, we see the difference.”

Will you help people like Nedia and Alexander know that they’re not forgotten this Christmas? As you shelter from the cold by a fire and celebrate Jesus’ birth, will you share the warmth with families who are desperate for hope?

Two boys shovel coal into a bag
Children in Ukraine are shivering today. You can help them.

Any money you can offer can make a huge difference in the lives of people who are in actual danger of freezing this Christmas. Of people who are living in fear.

“When you are sitting in a cold house and someone brings you wood – that’s what a miracle looks like,” says Olga, one of the Christians who will distribute the supplies you’ll provide this Christmas. “They are crying and thanking us, and we have to say, ‘it’s not us, it’s somebody else. We are just passing on the blessing.’”

Please join BMS World Mission in passing on the blessing this Christmas.

Warm hearts give help!

£6 can supply enough wood and coal to keep a family warm for a week

£14 can protect a child from cold by clothing them in thermal underwear

£25 can provide a ceramic heater for a family in icy Ukraine

Please don’t wait. Give today!

Right now, there are Ukrainian Christians like Olga and Pastor Sacha who are ready to risk their safety to help people who are in danger of freezing this winter. You can provide them with the items they need. Please give generously.