Never stop growing.

It’s never too late to start learning about what God is doing
and how you can be a part of it.

Whether you’re working, studying or still in school, God’s world offers so many opportunities to learn and grow in your faith and outreach. From RE class to retirement, you can learn from BMS World Mission’s work over four continents and two centuries, partnering with some of the brightest minds and best communicators in outreach, mission education, theology, philosophy and more.

From our training courses in Birmingham to our events all over the country and our print and online resources, you’ll find something to challenge, inspire and inform you in the list below.

Study resources from the 2019 ministers' conferences

Videos and study guides in which BMS General Director Kang-San Tan aims to help you and your church explore themes such as listening to the world church, unconscious bias, and why mission has to change.

Kang-San-Tan, General Director of BMS World Mission
Mission Catalyst - Icon Image - 2017 - Final - V2

The magazine for thinking Christians

Intelligent comment on faith and culture, exploring ideas and asking the questions that don’t get asked enough. Mission Catalyst will challenge your ideas, interrogate your preconceptions and make space for thoughtful engagement with issues.

Our training facility for workers and churches

Learning is central to what we do. Every worker we send out goes through a process of formation and training at our facility in Birmingham, which also hosts courses and events to help UK Christians reach out with sensitivity and understanding.

Picture of the BMS Birmingham building
Harry and Chris try to high five in front of an audience at Catalyst Live 2018

The smarter Christian conference

The best and brightest thinkers, sharing ideas that break the mould. This is a TED-style event happening once every two years and featuring talks on everything from the arts to science, philosophy and apologetics. It’s our gift to you. All the talks (including previous years) are available as videos to download, and they make a great starting point for a small group study or discussion.

The essential children’s resource for churches

Produced in partnership with our friends the Canadian Baptist Ministries, KIDS CARE has wonderful activities, readings, stories and ideas for educating youngsters about God’s mission. It’s all free, so download your copy today!