Learning from the World Church

An open air worship/teaching session in India

“If we only learn theology from western sources, we are limiting ourselves to sharing in the wisdom of only ten percent of the wisdom God has given to the body of Christ…

It is only logical in these times of unprecedented challenges, to draw on more of our collective wisdom than we’ve done before.”

BMS World Mission is committed to developing the habit of learning from the World Church everything we do.

This page is just a start. A space for voices and other resources from BMS that will help you and your church listen to more of God’s wisdom shared through the body of Christ.

Is God British?

This series of three studies and videos were created for the 2019 UK Baptist Ministers’ Conferences

How to Mission logo with World Map and 'pointer' icon

How to Mission

Three days of conversations with BMS partners, personnel and friends, sharing practice, research and thinking on global mission and its implications for witness in the secular West – 8-10 July 2019


Jimmy Okello preaching to camera in a Ugandan church building

Engaging with young people the Ugandan way

University Community Church in Gulu, Uganda has over 100 students attending regularly. We spoke to its pastor, Jimmy Okello, about how he keeps students engaged and how important young people are for the future of the Church.

Ron Choong speaking at Catalyst Live in 2018

Ron Choong, Malaysia/USA, Catalyst Live in Bristol 2018

Christian faith, paleoanthropology and technology – what do they have in common?

Rula Mansour speaking at Catalyst Live in 2018

Rula Mansour, Palestine, Catalyst Live in Birmingham 2018

Conflict resolution from the Holy Land.

Samuel Escobar speaking at Catalyst Live in 2016

Samuel Escobar, Peru/Spain, Catalyst Live in Reading 2016

Hearing both sides of the story: polycentric mission from one of the greatest Latin American theologians.

Vinoth Ramachandra speaking at Catalyst Live in 2016

Vinoth Ramachandra, Sri Lanka, Catalyst Live in Birmingham 2016

What does it mean to be humans engaging with technology, anthropologically, politically and theologically.

Elie Hadad speaking at Catalyst Live in 2016

Elie Haddad, Lebanon/Canada, Catalyst Live in Reading 2016

Preaching Christ not Christianity: can we set aside culture and prejudice for the sake of the kingdom?

Miyon Chung speaking at Catalyst Live in 2016

Miyon Chung, Korea/USA, Catalyst Live in Reading 2016

Migration and exile in your city: what will they believe?