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Catalyst Live 2018 was brilliant, perhaps even the best one yet, which is why we’re delighted to bring you a selection of some of the incredible talks and performances that made the two days in Birmingham and Bristol so memorable. Check them out right here!

The talk about using your imagination to understand the Bible

Ever used your imagination when reflecting on Scripture? Yes? No? Either way, we think you should hear what the outstanding biblical scholar, speaker and author Paula Gooder has to say on the subject.

Paula Gooder: why imagination is an important tool in biblical interpretation

The performance that made us laugh, think and sing

Just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, Harry and Chris did. This outrageously talented, humble, kind and poetic comedy-music duo treated the Catalyst Live audience to stunning performances on both days. Their final performance though, at the end of a wonderful day in Bristol, is the one we’d like to show you for the time being.

Watch: Harry and Chris get everyone in the room singing

The seminal theologian on prayer, the Church and learning to listen

Stanley Hauerwas is one of the greatest theologians of our time. And we got to sit down with him for an extended interview earlier this year. How amazing is that? We played the interview with Professor Hauerwas first at Catalyst Live. Now it’s time to make it available to everyone.

Watch Stanley Hauerwas in an exclusive Catalyst Live interview

The part about a crime writer who loved Jesus

Amy Orr-Ewing knows a lot about the life and work of Dorothy L Sayers, the famed writer of Lord Peter Wimsey detective novels. After all, Sayers was the subject of her PhD. But in her Catalyst Live talk, Dr Orr-Ewing gave much more than a biographical account of Sayers’ life. She considered how Sayers was able to communicate her Christian faith to her generation, and though this was many decades ago, remains relevant today.

‘She was aghast at the feeble articulation of Christianity around her’

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The speaker who posed one very challenging question to us all

“How do you live in this unpredictable time when all the rules have changed?” This was the question put to the audience by Gary V Nelson, President and Vice Chancellor of Tyndale University College and Seminary in Canada. It’s one that got us thinking. A lot.

‘We’re living in this time that we thought we’d never see’

The people who came from far and wide to Catalyst Live

One person came from Sydney. Another from Brussels. Others from around the UK. We were thrilled to speak to so many of you in Birmingham and Bristol. Have a listen to what a selection of attendees had to say about Catalyst Live.

‘It talks about the questions everyone is thinking but not saying anything about’

Keen for more Catalyst Live content? We thought so. Don’t panic, we’ll be putting all the talks and performances on the Catalyst Live website by 22 November so stay tuned for news on when they go live. That means you’ll get to hear from other brilliant speakers such as Rosie Harper, David Bebbington, Helen Coffey, Ruth Gledhill, Adrian Snell, Alistair Brown, Mark Woods, Ron Choong, Baroness Elizabeth Berridge and Rula Khoury Mansour. Until then, please share this article with your church.

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Catalyst Live was a success because of your support and your hunger for thought-provoking talks, vibrant conversation and great fellowship. We thank you for making all of that happen and we can’t wait for Catalyst Live 2020.

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