You know you have been in Lima for 2 and a half years when…

As home assignment beckons, one has been in Lima for 2 and a half years when

-you automatically wait a few seconds when the light changes to cross the road to account for that crazy taxi or bus driver

-weaving in and out of cars to cross the road comes naturally

-someone asks you to wait “un ratito” and you no longer look for Mickey Mouse

-you automatically start writing Peru, Perú

-motorbikes on the pavement are no longer a surprise …

-you no longer expect people to say sorry when you bump into them

-you read about a 3.9 “earthquake” in Hull and Grimsby with a patronising smile

-you enjoy it when your fizzy cola comes yellow

-you find yourself asking “hay ají” when in a restaurant (ají is a kind of chilli pepper)

-you preach for 35-40 minutes and think it was kind of a short sermon,


you secretly wouldn’t be too disappointed if Perú did better than England in the World Cup [but don’t tell anyone in the UK!]