Why a married man should use a ring…..


Last month as part of the BMS project with CBM, I, Sergio, helped to organise training for 24 Mozambican Pastors and missionaries. The classes included a panorama of the Old and New Testament, ecclesiastical administration, and ways of leading Bible studies. A few issues were raised during the training, including the importance that a married man use a wedding ring because in a society where there is lack of commitment and fidelity between couples, the use of the ring shows that there is a commitment, an alliance with someone.


Each leader had the opportunity to share about their needs and how the work is going in their community, and we prayed together for each other. Something else that was shared by them is the need for the Christian leader to be an example for the whole church and also for non-Christians.

We will provide more training with the same people in September. This training is so important for the these leaders as most of them have never had any formal theological training so even some basic Christian principles can either be new to them or they have been misunderstood.

Please pray that hearts can be opened and that everyone will be able to attend the next training.