When Being Together Works

Hi Folks,

The last two weeks have been even better than the week I wrote about last time. Even I could not have anticipated this! In part, this has been due to the week I spent with a short-term team with Mission Outfitters from the U.S., serving as assistant translator-cum-general team helper. In part, it has to do with the annual Iquitos Baptist Association painting day at the Training Centre last Tuesday.

But mostly it has to do with having witnessed several moments in the course of those two weeks which, to use the delightful British English idiom, warmed the cockles of my heart! Luckily, I had a smartphone to hand and managed to capture some of these gratifying moments for posterity and blogging:

First up…


Two hermanas en Cristo (sisters in Christ) enjoying some hymn-singing during the morning boat journey. (Note: hymn book provided by local hermana.)


Hermanos (brothers) everywhere lifting holy hands to paint! The annual Iquitos Baptist Association work day at the Nauta Integral Mission Centre last Tuesday. (Note: paint spatter is no respecter of persons but shirts are still recommended.)

And my favourite…


Two hermanos en Cristo work together on the roof shelter for a new well. (Note: hammer provided by local brother, precariously-positioned hand provided by non-local brother, a beautiful illustration of partnership – and no fingers were damaged in the making of this cockle-warming moment.)

God bless you all!

Love Laura x