What’s in store for 2018?

What’s in store for the Vilelas in 2018?

Sergio will continue the training he is doing with Mozambican Pastors and missionaries whoa re part of the Baptist Convention here. He will also be visiting them in different parts of Mozambique to see how their ministries are going. We will receive a team from a Bible college in April in which Sergio will be in charge and we will host them at our house. It is always great to have people come and visit us out here and learn more about life in Mozambique and see the ministries that we are involved in.


Liz will be evaluating how child protection is going in the PEPEs in Beira and drawing up individual plans to improve safeguarding. She will also be promoting child protection amongst the PEPE cordinators in other parts of Mozambique. There is now a new national coordinator for PEPE and we give thanks for him and hope that him and Liz can work well together. There are also plans to do some child protection training with childrens leaders of the Baptist Churches in Beira. Liz is currently training new PEPE teachers in child protection and after spending the morning teaching about what the law says about child protection and different forms of abuse and what not to do in the afternoon someone said it’s ok to hit just a little as it makes the child stop, and also that if they can’t hit then its ok to stick them in a room for half an hour! These comments can bring frustration and disappointment, but the opportunity to be able to speak about dangers to children and the effects of physical discipline and humiliation to people that have never heard it before is a real privilege. 

As well as all of this, Liz plans to go to France in July to do a post graduate certificate in play therapy skills. It’s a two week intensive course and as part of it she has to do 100 clinical hours with children. So she is currently organising a placement where she can get referalls of children who could do with some support through play therapy. This combines well with the work I am currently doing on child protection and it means I will be able to attend to children in a more specialised manner and with God’s help see lives transformed through the values that play therapy offers to children and their parents.

Chloe has started Grade 1 and is really enjoying school. Her favourite thing is when they learn about different animals and cut and colour them in. She also loves the running around part too. She will check out a new gymnastics club that will start next week and she loves to swim.

Joshua will be 2 this year and might start pre-school in a few months. He loves to be outside, to climb and play with dirt, and he loves to go swimming.


We still have the action team with us until the end of March (more about them in the next blog), our Team Leader Mark Greenwood will also visit us in April, and we will host another action team in October.

These are just some of the things that we know we will do this year, but it should be an exciting year for us to develop our ministries and see God’s name glorified.