What’s Brewing

We are back in Kathmandu, waiting to get our year-long visa before returning to Besi Sahar. While waiting can be discouraging, we’ve had many encouraging events, conversations, and meetings in the past week that we’d like to share with you.

Little L is fully vaccinated! We found a great little well-child clinic by a referral from a friend. They had all the same jabs in the same format as are available in the UK, plus a more detailed schedule for the Nepal specific ones. All very encouraging for nervous young parents.

EQUIP wants to focus on Lamjung! Since we have been working with EQUIP, we have had partner schools in three main areas; Kathmandu, Palpa, and Lamjung. From 2018 on, EQUIP had decided to pour all of its resources into one area and have a greater impact there. This means EQUIP will be partnering with more schools locally, including a few that we had already built relationships with. This also means that our colleagues who live in Kathmandu will be making more trips annually, so more opportunities for fellowship for us, and more chances to ask people to bring out supplies. ? There are even rumours of new EQUIP staff moving out to Lamjung!

EQUIP may have funding for new computer labs. We were involved in installing a model lab in what will soon be a partner school in the middle of Besi Sahar. It was funded by a combination of the school itself and a Microsoft grant. Recently a partner organisation has received funding for many more labs in Nepal, and there is talk of funding computer labs for all of EQUIP’s partner schools in Lamjung. It could be a huge project and could lead to many more opportunities for ICT education trainings.

NCED partnership! Simon has been invited by the NCED (National Centre for Educational Development) to help create several hours of ICT training to be used throughout the country. He would not be travelling to deliver the training, but would write some of the curriculum and provide resources for the Nepali Govt’s teacher trainers. It is an exciting opportunity to build a partnership and have a small, but far reaching impact.

Almost There. After a long couple of years Simon should submit his final dissertation and finish his Masters in the next few days. While the dissertation has been a source of great relationship building with the teachers in our partner schools who helped facilitate the research, we are looking forward to being finished ?

Prayer points:

  • For KISC and EQUIP visas to come through quickly
  • For those affected by flooding in the Southern parts of Nepal, and landslides in the hilly region
  • For that Masters…. last time, I promise!
  • Health for all of us, and safety when we finally do get to travel
  • Happy reunions with our Nepali neighbours and friends in Lamjung
  • That the projects would come to fruition and be a blessing to the schools, their staff and students