WET Consulting

For the past few months we have been working hard on starting and registering a new company in Uganda, Water and Environmental Technical Consulting or WET Consulting for short. The idea behind WET Consulting is to make clean water and advice on a range of environmental issues cheaper and more sustainable. WET will operate like a business for individuals and organisations and use the profit to subsidise clean water provision for village communities.

WET Logo

Our new working logo

The way we are able to make clean water cheaper is by using an innovative technology called the Village Drill. Last week we finalised the purchase of one of these rigs and collected it from the other side of Uganda which was a tiring three-day round trip but ended with a drill right here in Gulu. The Village Drill is a manual drilling method that uses man power to turn a wheel which advances standard drilling bits downwards. The only mechanical part is a small petrol powered water pump which pushes fluid downward and the rock shavings up out of the hole.

We have two boreholes waiting to be drilled which will start in a couple of weeks (each borehole will take about a week to drill). These have been supported by BMS and will be used to train a local team of drillers by people who have used the technology before and will be for the benefit of two local communities we have identified as having particular needs for clean water supplies. After this we already have some clients lined up and hope to keep the drilling team and rig busy, providing jobs and much needed clean water.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.
Every blessing,
Tim, Linda, Joshua and Annabelle