Water Tank(y)

A water tank in Nepal, is known as a Tanky. It is a very important part of household plumbing.

Water flows down from the top of the hill through the main water pipe on a schedule once or twice a day. When it flows, each household needs to open their own valve to divert a portion of the water up to the roof, where it is stored – in Tankys.

If the window of water flow is missed – the tanky quickly runs dry. If the water valve isn’t turned off in time, the tanky overflows, and water cascades off the roof. The neighbours start yelling about the waste of the communal water.

Until recently, we have shared a 1000 Litre water tank with the four families that live downstairs. We have mostly been happy with our water situation. We used to only run out of water every few days. But more recently, we have been running out daily, sometimes for days on end. Water has typically disappeared by lunch time, and if we don’t get our laundry done early in the morning, we have to wait until the next time water flows to get the nappies clean.

So, we went 50/50 with the landlords to get another 1000L tanky put on the roof. It was great to see a giant tanky rolled down the small path around the fields to our house. It was then funny to winch it to the roof, only to decide that it wasn’t the strongest tanky in the world and then winch it down again.

Three days later, after the neighbours had enjoyed a good play with the empty tanky, it disappeared back to the shop, and another one came rolling down the path. Again we winched it to the roof and this time plumbed it in!

We now have one bathroom tap that never runs out. Though the kitchen taps may go dry, we have a store of water from which we can fill buckets to wash the dishes, flush, or fill the washing machine 🙂 It makes life a lot easier!