We recently had the privilege of visiting the village of Santa Rita as a family along with our team.  The children were off from school for a few days and we used the opportunity to go up the Nanay river on a boat owned by Jungle Master Ministries who partner with us in our work here in the jungle.  The five of us went, along with Laura our BMS colleague, Joel, Amy and Carmen from Jungle Masters and Lily and Larissa, some missionary friends visiting from Pucallpa, also in the jungle.  We were there from August 8-9. 

Our departure point was from the port at Nauta and it took us 31/2 hours on the boat driven by Joel.  It went fast, at times bumping along the surface of the water which was quite an exciting ride.  The engine was fairly loud, so conversation was limited, and the views were stunning.  We were on the beautiful deep flowing river, surrounded by dense jungle, occasionally passing villages as we made our way to Santa Rita. 

Kids making new friends 

When we arrived, we quickly got assigned our hostel rooms and then made our way to the home of our host, Pastor Abraham.  There we were blessed with a lovely meal after which we walked around the village getting to know the place a little.  The children easily made friends and spent time playing and getting used to their new surroundings.  Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and then there was an evening service during which Dave shared a sermon.  After some enthusiastic and heartfelt praise and worship led by Pastor Abraham, Dave used drama and audience participation to illustrate the story of David being chosen and anointed by Samuel from 1 Samuel 16. 

The church was happy to be involved and received the message with open hearts, as Dave emphasised God’s plans, care and concern for seemingly insignificant people.  The children and Michele enjoyed a quiet night in during the service, taking advantage of the electricity supply which is by generator, between 6-10pm every day.

dave mahon
Picture courtesy of JungleMaster Ministries

We spent an eventful night with lots of interesting jungle sounds and flashlight aided toilet breaks, and in the morning, we shared a delicious breakfast of whole fried fish and bread.  We left shortly thereafter for our boat journey back to Nauta, passing through a national reserve where we watched dolphins swim and play.  It was a wonderful experience enjoyed by all.


Michele Mahon