Top ten tips for surviving Mozambique (By the Action Team)

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  1. When taking the chapa (minibus public transport), fight for a window seat to get some fresh, clean smelling air, and so you don’t have to get up every time someone else jumps on.
  2. Don’t sit in the front seat of the chapa because if it stops abruptly, you’ll be out that windscreen.
  3. Use sun cream in 30 degree heat even if it’s cloudy – cos you can still get very burnt!
  4. Pretend you don’t speak english when a crazy Zimbabwean man follows you round wherever you go.
  5. Prepare to wait……..and wait………and wait……..and wait……..then give up and go home.
  6. Wetwipes are always helpful when the power is off and you need a shower.
  7. Pots of cream can be used to kill cockroaches but you will also kill the pot of cream in the process.
  8. Always check for bugs in the flour, maggots in the rubbish, frogs when it rains, and millipedes that explode when you stand on them.
  9. Don’t buy Fanta that comes in a glass bottle and then run off with it, as someone will come after you because they need the bottle back to refill.
  10. Make sure they have the right measurements when getting clothes made, or it could be quite embarrassing……

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