Time flies

We can’t really believe it is 3 months since we last managed an update.  We have had such an amazing and busy time, it is hard to know where to start!

We arrived back in Dhaka last Monday evening, exhausted but pleased to be back.  It was difficult to leave Dumfries, after our really special time of catching up with family, friends and churches.  We feel so blessed to have had the opportunities we did to see so many people, and were really able to appreciate how many special people we have in our lives.  The journey is never something we enjoy, but it went smoothly, and despite having a 2 hour wait for our luggage in Dhaka, were delighted we and our luggage made it in one piece!

The time has flown since we got back – with us just having realised that it is indeed Friday again tomorrow, and we are not sure how that happened.  We spent our first week acclimatising and suffering jet lag (so sorry to all those people in the past who have suffered jet lag, and I haven’t appreciated it – I must have been very blessed the first few times we did that journey!).  We were able to get into the office on Wednesday and Thursday and tried to catch up with what had been going on while we were away.  Of course, a delight for Louise to be reunited with Jibita – and to meet his new baby siblings.  She hadn’t been forgotten!!

It was good to return to our church on Friday, where we were very warmly welcomed by our friends who had missed us.  It has been nice to come back and realise how many people’s lives we are impacting here too. It was back with a thump, as we had a message from the speaker early in the morning to say he was sick – so Phil had to quickly find a substitute – again grateful for good friends who were willing to step in!

We are really enjoying the temperature, so comfortable with daytime highs of 28 degrees and nighttime lows of 15 degrees (although it isn’t getting any cooler than 24 in our flat, so very comfortable).  We realise today that we must be adjusting, as Louise has worn a cardigan nearly all day!  (Our office is a bit cooler).  Sadly the pollution levels are not so great, but you can’t have everything!

We have also had 2 opportunities for catching up with friends, enjoying food together (and Louise even cooked one time!) and finding out what has been going on in their lives while we have been away.  Somethings change and move on, other don’t.  I guess we almost feel like we have 2 separate lives, and although when we are away from one we do miss it – we seem to be able to slide back in again when we return.  God is good.

Happy New Year.