Three World Tour

Hi folks,

Over the last seven days I’ve had the great delight of sampling a little of Peru’s three worlds and some of the lovely people who inhabit them.

First stop was the coastal city of Trujillo and the Peruvian Baptist Annual Assembly, which took place in a small village about an hour in and up from the Pacific Ocean, tucked in amongst the dusty foothills of the Andes. I’d be lying to say that I enjoy the formal proceedings (lots of reading the minutes from the last meeting, this actually seems to go on for hours), but it’s a great opportunity to meet friends, make new ones and hear about interesting projects. This was my seventh annual assembly in Peru (and in any other country, in fact) and it’s nice to finally understand what’s going on. Well that might be a stretch, but it’s nice to have enough Peruvian friends now who can explain the important bits to me or with whom I can simply go outside and get a coffee.


After a couple of days of assembling, I bid farewell to the coast and headed for the Andes mountains for a short stay in Cusco. They were experiencing a British invasion. Whilst visiting El Puente church (planted by former BMS mission workers Scott and An Janette Williamson), I had the delight of catching up with BMS short-term volunteer Becky Richards, (former Action Teamer to Nauta a few years ago) and meeting the current BMS Action Teamers, Katie, Bethan, Becky and Marika, who are based in Lima. It was quite a shock being suddenly surrounded by so many British accents and it was necessary to take a short break in the middle to go on a chocolate-making workshop. (This was clearly for educational purposes and entirely related to my Nauta cacao pilot project…)


Finally, it was time to descend the mountains and return to the rainforest, where it had been raining steadily ever since I left apparently. The water tanks are all full (in fact the rainwater cistern at the Centre is overflowing this morning); the temperature is sufficiently fresh to warrant socks (25o Celsius!); and Paolo got a great deal on eight new mattresses for the Centre which I’m due to go and have a jump on as soon as I’ve finished writing this. It’s good to be back home.


Thank you for your prayers and support, not just for me but for all the people and places mentioned here.

Love Laura x