The Smaller Mahons say thank you!


Jonathan blog
Helping with the dishes


Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan. I am 7 years old and I live in Iquitos Peru.

We moved here 4 weeks ago and I really like our new house.  I have lots of friends in our street and we play outside almost every day.  I also have other friends who are children of missionaries just like us, and I like playing with them too.  My school is nice, and my teachers are kind.  Please can you pray for me to enjoy learning more?  On weekends I have fun playing computer games and my favourite colour is red. 


Ruth blog
First day at School in Iquitos

Hola!  I am Ruth and I am 4 years old. I love to sing, dress up, dance and I really like raisins.  Playing with my brother and sister is lots of fun, and I have made lots of new friends in Iquitos.




Phoebe blog
I love to play!

Hi I’m Phoebe!   I like playing with water and eating chocolate.  I have a lot of fun at my nursery and I have lots of friends. We all think it’s really fun riding in Iquitos motorcars!

All of us say a big thank you for praying for us; God bless you all.

From Jonathan, Ruth and Phoebe


Thank you Jesus that because we know you,

you give us everything we need to live a good life.

2 Peter 1:3