The Anniversary Man

In the month of January, I acquired a niche role in Lima, preaching at church anniversaries. I hope it is due to the quality of Biblical exposition, though cynics suggest that it is because my sermons are shorter which allows churches to fit more things in.

First up I was preaching at the anniversary of Cristo Salvador Church, which is located an hour away from home in San Juan de Lurigancho, the largest municipality in Lima. The church has an interesting mixture of very contemporary music with a formal dress code, so there was a rare sight of myself in a suit and tie, to the absolute shock of all the seminary students who were in attendance.

On the way home I shared an UBER with a Venezuelan seminary student and soon discovered that the UBER driver was also Venezuelan. The subsequent journey provided interesting insights into how Venezuelans perceive Peru and what life is like for an UBER driver. I made sure I gave the driver a 5-star rating which made me think, imagine if we extended this to preachers and congregations …

Maybe not such a good idea …

More recently it was my turn to preach at our home church anniversary, Bethel. Not only was it the 52nd anniversary of the church; it was also the 25th Wedding anniversary of Pastor Julio and his wife Deborah, so double reason to party.

No suit this time
No anniversary in Peru is complete without food and cake!