So this happened…

Did you watch it?

That’s what happened at the end of a two-day ICT training that I recently gave. Who knew computer teachers could dance so well?!

The riveting topics of algorithms, flow charts and programming techniques must have ignited something special within the participants who each released their inner dance idol.

How did this happen you ask?

As we wrapped up the training, we decided to take a group photo, at which point a creative young man (who had on a previous occasion rapped a song about computer viruses) suggested that a dance should follow the photo. So, I duly made a fool of myself, and before you knew it everyone was up on stage dropping their best moves!

Half an hour later, I had used every dance move I knew at least 10 times, and had to put a stop to the dancing, and send the participants home. How long might it have gone on? Who knows.  Will it happen again? Let’s hope so.