Shotgun angel

As many are aware, travel through Lima is one of the greatest challenges that we face (although it is very good for our prayer life!)

Earlier this week Regiane had a narrow escape on the way to helping out at our church’s Holiday club, being cut up by a taxi and forced to squeeze into the narrow space close to the pavement, grateful no cars were coming the other way.

On Sunday evening I was on the way to preach at a church in North Lima when the taxi driver decided inexplicably to jump the red light at one of the busiest junctions, I looked to the left and a car had braked before hitting us, I looked to the right and a bus was coming at high speed, I closed my eyes, my Bible hurled from car seat to the floor, but as I prepared myself mentally for a hospital visit, “the angel hit the airbrakes”, and we came safely to a stop.

Seems our shotgun angels have been working overtime this week! Once again we are grateful for all those who pray for our safe travels…

Was the voice of Jesus, and I heard him say,

I’ve got an angel riding shotgun, and he is riding with you all the way.

(From this song)

Evidence that I made it there safely…