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Justice Ugandan Farmer
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A voice for the voiceless in Uganda

Working with a team of Ugandan Christian lawyers, BMS is providing access to justice to the most vulnerable in society. In a region torn apart by war, we stand for the voiceless.

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Northern Uganda is still recovering from devastating civil conflict.
Since 2006, nearly two million internal refugees have returned to their homes after the end of civil war. The joy of returning home has been crushed by local conflicts over who owns the land.

Farmers cannot invest in working and improving the land.
When faced with legal struggles and doubts over land ownership, farmers are not able to invest their meagre resources in improving the land and growing crops, and this leads to food shortages.

A lack of access to justice.
In northern Uganda, historical discrimination against women means that, despite equality laws, widows may find that their land is taken from them. They cannot afford to fight for justice in the courts, and, with the loss of their land, they are not able to feed and support themselves and their children.


After decades of intermittent fighting and civil war, Uganda is finally finding its feet. However, these rebuilding attempts have left the country in huge, international debt.

BMS lawyers are based all around the country – in Kampala, the capital, Kasese in the west, and Gulu in the north.

Uganda Flag

Capital: Kampala
Population37,856,813 (2014 est)
Languages: English, Kiswahili
Religion: Christianity (85%), Islam (12%), Traditional (1%)
HDI*: 163/188 (2015)

*UN’s Human Development Index

How BMS will help

Running legal workshops
These workshops will teach people their rights around land ownership, empowering poor farmers to secure legal ownership of their land, and encouraging the use of modern Ugandan law.

Land mediation meetings
Providing a means through which legal conflict can be peacefully resolved.

Free legal clinics and legal aid
The BMS team are passionate about providing access to justice, and people are welcome to come for advice and aid on any matter, a practical means of ministering to the most vulnerable in society.

Building the local church
BMS lawyers are also working to provide land security to local churches, enabling them to serve their local community by hosting legal workshops and clinics.

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Justice Ugandan Lawyer

Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31: 9

What can I do?

Give £14 – this can help provide free legal aid to one person living in poverty

Give £46 – this can help provide legal advice to a group of ten farmers on land ownership, protecting the rights of poor farmers and widows

Give £460 – this can empower one hundred people to reclaim their land and provide food and support for their families

I want to support this Mission Project

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Justice Ministries

Your gifts will be used to support BMS justice ministries which include the A voice for the voiceless in Uganda project. Through this, you are supporting BMS’ work advocating for the voiceless and challenging injustice for 120,000 people in four countries.

  • 14/06/2018
    Feedback: a voice for the voiceless
  • 11/09/2017
    A voice for the voiceless PowerPoint
  • 27/07/2017
    Mission Project Brief: Justice

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Feedback: a voice for the voiceless
14th Jun 2018

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A voice for the voiceless PowerPoint
11th Sep 2017

Pray and keep up to date with news – the latest letter.

Mission Project Brief: Justice
27th Jul 2017

Pray and keep up to date with news – the latest letter.

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