Dignity dvd cover

DVD – Dignity


A video that will help you understand the issue of gender based violence better. Part of BMS World Mission’s Dignity initiative.

Product Description

This DVD helps the leaders engage with scriptural wisdom on gender based violence (GBV) in all its forms.

Its thought-provoking contents will equip individuals and congregations to understand the level of abuse encountered in communities worldwide, and to think through their responses.

The Dignity DVD includes:

  • A theological overview of the issue from Dr Stephen Holmes (University of St Andrews)
  • Ministerial reflections by Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, Head of Mission Enabling at the Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia
  • Compelling videos from BMS mission personnel
  • Sermon and small group stimuli from Dr Stephen Holmes (University of St Andrews), David Kerrigan (General Director of BMS World Mission), and Graham Doel (UK Field Leader, BMS World Mission)
  • Stories that unpack how GBV is affecting women and girls in a cross-section of the countries where BMS operates, including a video interview with one of the women being helped by BMS partner Freeset