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Mark and Susanna Barrell

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Mark and Susanna

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After a previous spell with BMS in Uganda from 2002-2006, Mark and Susanna returned to Africa in early 2018. This time they are serving in Mozambique, where Mark is working alongside the Mozambique Association of Christian Lawyers to help build its capacity. Susanna is using her small business and handicrafts skills to expand the Baptist convention’s community development work in the south of the country. Whilst in the UK, Mark was a lawyer and the Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (UK) whilst Susanna ran a small sewing business. As well as Lizzie (15) who has moved to Mozambique with them and attends school in Maputo, Mark and Susanna have two other children. The family’s sending church is West Road Church in Suffolk.
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  • 9 Oct 2018
    Dying for justice?
    Posted by Mark and Susanna Barrell at 06:00 on Oct 9th, 2018
    Fifty-five years ago on 9th October 1963 one of the most famous trials began in the Palace of Justice, Pretoria, South Africa. A freedom leader was, along with ten other colleagues, facing the possible death sentence standing accused of treason against the state. Those men had determined to bring an
  • 17 Aug 2018
    Raised from the dead
    Posted by Mark and Susanna Barrell at 09:06 on Aug 17th, 2018
    The singer had been brought especially to bless the church. But no-one had expected this. Old, yes. But no movement? Just dead, with no vital signs. Was there any possibility of revival? Most agreed that this was unlikely and was really sad. But one lady thought there might be a chance. Her faith wa
  • 1 Jun 2018
    Posted by Mark and Susanna Barrell at 14:17 on Jun 1st, 2018
    They sang “Viva o dia das crianças!” at the top of their voices, out of tune and not really on any beat, but they sang and sang and sang as if their life depended on it. 1st June is “o dia das crianças” or Children’s Day in Mozambique. Endorsed by the UN and celebrated worldwide this da
  • 19 Mar 2018
    I killed a beetle for breakfast
    Posted by Mark and Susanna Barrell at 16:00 on Mar 19th, 2018
    It sounds pretty dreadful but in Mozambique, if you take breakfast, you “mata-bicho” – or literally “kill the insect”. The phrase comes from the sadly all too often uncomfortable feeling of gnawing hunger that many have here in the morning. It’s like a beetle in your gut, that needs
  • 11 Jan 2019
    An update from Mark Barrell
    Posted by Mark and Susanna Barrell at 12:25 on Jan 11th, 2019
  • Mark and Susanna Barrell will be on home assignment in the UK and available to request for mission worker visits from Sunday 8 December to Monday 27 January 2020.

    Please not they will not be available for request from Sunday 15 December to Tuesday 31 January 2020. 

    Churches wishing to request a visit please click here and then scroll down to select the Request a mission worker option.

    Please submit your request by Monday 12 August 2019.

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