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Jill Morrow
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Jill is a primary school teacher from St Andrews in Scotland. She has been teaching at GDQ School in Tirana, Albania, from September 2009. GDQ is an international school for children from the mission community. There are currently 90 children in attendance of 14 different nationalities. As well as normal school activities, the school runs the Miracle Club, a weekly club for local Albanian children. Some of the teachers have been involved in training sessions for local Albanian teachers. The school also offers support for families home-schooling their children. Jill taught Grade 2 class at GDQ as a BMS short-term worker to begin with. After a period at BMS' International Mission Centre in Birmingham, Jill returned to Albania in April 2011 to work longer term. Jill's home church is St Andrews Baptist Church in Fife.
  • 3 Sep 2017
    Summer Camp
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 12:17 on Sep 3rd, 2017
    In mid-August I arrived back in a hot Tirana after a pretty busy summer in UK. It was tempting to hibernate and rest in my fourth floor flat for a couple of days before going back to work BUT I felt a really strong pull to find out more about a camp which I knew my church was running sometime at the
  • 30 Apr 2016
    Flushing Away Poverty
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 20:25 on Apr 30th, 2016
    The school which I teach at has recently been involved in raising money for a Toilet Twinning project. (You do literally twin an existing toilet with a new toilet in another country.)Toilet Twinning is one organisation which helps provide health education and a clean safe toilet for a family or comm
  • 16 May 2015
    The Unexpected Gift
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 14:57 on May 16th, 2015
    Earlier this week, a totally unexpected gift from someone in the UK, was hand delivered to me here in Albania. During the course of the day it evolved that a small chain of people had been involved in making sure that I received the extremely thoughtful gift. A few weeks ago I was given a card from
  • 8 Mar 2015
    Happy Ladies’ Day
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 19:50 on Mar 8th, 2015
    The excitement has been building for many as Ladies’ Day approaches. Trips have been made to the hairdressers’. Temporary street sellers have been selling flowers for daughters to buy for their Mums’.. Today, 8thMarch, is the day when ladies can traditionally have some time away from the
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  • 7 Jul 2017
    An update from Jill
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 14:26 on Jul 7th, 2017
  • 28 Jun 2017
    A story from Jill Morrow
    Posted by Jill Morrow at 15:08 on Jun 28th, 2017
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Summer Camp
3th Sep 2017

In mid-August I arrived back in a hot Tirana after a pretty busy summer in UK. It was tempting to...

An update from Jill
7th Jul 2017
A story from Jill Morrow
28th Jun 2017
June 2017
28th Jun 2017

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