Sunday 23rd September was a special day for Chamba Baptist Church celebrating their anniversary of 30 years!

Sergio was asked to preach at the anniversary on 16th September so the day before he sent a text to the leader to check the time of the service. If he hadn’t have texted the day before, he probably wouldn’t have found out that the date of the celebration had changed to the week later!!! That’s life…… in Mozambique……. and even though these sorts of things happen all the time, it still suprises us when it happens.

Sergio preached on Joshua 3: 5 – we must be prepared in a holy way so that God can use us in all layers of society. Being holy is not about just being separated, but being so close to Christ that we look like Him.

Below is a video of some of the worship time during the service.

In Churches here, they always like to sing as the preacher makes his way to the front before the sermon, so here it is….

It is great to be a part of celebrating the Church of Beira, Mozambique! May God continue to bless His Church!