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Baptist Assembly in Trujillo – Kids watching the Pastor’s play football.

Hello everyone! We have just started school again after three months of summer holidays. It was really nice to spend lots of time playing and not have to go to school every day. I am studying the book of Genesis every morning with my mum and we just read the scary story about Lot’s family and the angels in Sodom and Gomorrah. Mummy explains anything I don’t understand and we pray together too.

I played lots of computer games during the holidays with my family and friends. We also went to the Baptist Assembly in January where we all made some new friends, and then had fun on holiday at the beach in Huanchaco, La Libertad. That was so much fun and we didn’t want to leave. Next we went to Lima and visited a really nice park with lots of waterfalls and a big, bouncy slide. Then we came home to Iquitos and all three of us had swimming lessons almost every day.

We spent some time in Nauta with Mama Chris, Uncle Neil, Auntie Lori, Auntie Laura, Uncle Nilton from Trujillo and Auntie Becky from Cusco. We went swimming together and ate yummy food. They were all very kind to us. There was also lots and lots of rain. On our very last day of the school holidays we had water fights with our neighbours.

Now it’s back to school again; I have missed my friends and teachers so it is good to see them again. I am happy that all three of us are going to the same school now since Phoebe has started with us.

We are all excited about coming to England soon to see our family and friends again.

Love Jonathan.


Message from Ruth

Hello it’s Ruth here! My favourite part of the school holidays was playing outside in the park with my friends.  There are always new people to meet and play with and everyone is friendly.  I am also not so afraid of water anymore when I go swimming.  I like looking after my little sister Phoebe.


Message from Phoebe

Hello from Phoebe!  I had lots of fun building sandcastles on the beach in Huanchaco.  I also liked learning how to swim.  I am happy to be in the same school with Ruth and Jonathan and I have lots of new friends, but I can’t remember their names yet.  My teacher is very nice.