Krakatau volcano/tsunami disaster: BMS call for prayer

Krakatau volcano/tsunami disaster:

BMS call for prayer

You will have seen images of the devastation in Indonesia after a tsunami struck coastal towns. Please join us in prayer today for those affected by the disaster.

More than 400 people were killed and hundreds left injured after the tsunami hit towns on Indonesia’s Sunda Strait. It struck at around 9.30 pm local time on Saturday 22 December and is believed to have been caused by the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano.

The tsunami destroyed buildings and hit tourist destinations. The death toll is expected to rise over the coming days. BMS World Mission is talking to trusted partners in the region about what response will be needed.

You can help today by joining us in prayer. Please pray for:

  • The responders on the ground as they work to find survivors.
  • Those who have lost loved ones. Pray for strength in this most difficult of times.
  • The people yet to be found. Pray they would sense help coming.
  • The long-term response. Pray that people will remember the region affected in the months and years to come, and that it would recover from this disaster.
How you can give to BMS relief work

BMS is able to respond quickly to disasters around the world because of our network of Christian partners in affected areas – and thanks to the generosity of UK believers who give before disasters happen.

To play your part in enabling churches and relief workers to help those most in need, even when the media isn’t interested, click here to give to BMS relief work now.

The tsunami is the latest disaster to hit Indonesia. In August, hundreds of people died after an earthquake struck the tourist island of Lombok. Then in September, an earthquake and tsunami struck the island of Sulawesi, killing an estimated 2,000 people.

Thanks to the giving of people like you, BMS provided £8,000 for the Lombok response and £20,000 for the Sulawesi response, with the funding going towards food and hygiene kits, shelter construction and psychosocial support.

We thank you for your prayers then, and appeal again today for your support.

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“Please encourage your church to pray for the people of Indonesia’s Sunda Strait,” says BMS Relief Facilitator Rachel Conway-Doel. “Pray too for our partners in the region. They need your prayers and love today.”

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami: update on our response

Indonesian earthquake and tsunami:

update on our response

BMS World Mission is responding to the situation in Indonesia, where over 1,500 people have died after an earthquake and tsunami struck.

You will have seen images of the devastation on the island of Sulawesi, which was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Friday. Access to the affected areas is challenging for responders due to damaged bridges, landslides and fuel shortages.

The official number of people killed in the disaster is expected to continue to rise. Many of the deaths happened in the city of Palu.
BMS has been communicating with partners in Indonesia in response to the tragedy. You can help today by joining us in prayer, and you can also make a donation at the bottom of this article.

The scene of devastation caused by an earthquake and tsunami on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi
You can help the response to the devastation on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Please continue to pray as agencies and governments from around the world help people on the island.

Prayer points for Indonesia:

– Please pray for the people of Sulawesi who are suffering unimaginable grief right now. Pray that they have the basics of food and clean drinking water, and medical help.

– Please pray for the first responders as they search for survivors. Pray they have shelter themselves and are kept safe as they work in dangerous, very difficult conditions.

– Please pray for the partners we’ll be supporting. Pray they are given all the resources they need from agencies and governments from around the world.

– Please pray for the long-term response. Pray that people will remember Sulawesi in the months and years to come, and that this city and the surrounding area would recover from this tragedy.

“Your prayers are crucial at this time, so please continue to pray for people in Sulawesi,” says BMS World Mission Relief Facilitator Rachel Conway-Doel.

“Please pray for our partners who are on the ground assessing both the immediate and longer term needs for the area. We will be working closely with the local churches, as they respond to the affected communities. Thank you for your continued prayers, generosity and love shown towards all those affected by this disaster.”

We’ll bring you updates on how BMS is supporting the response in Sulawasi. To make a donation to the response, please click the button on the right.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity in this most traumatic and difficult of times for people in Indonesia.

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