Sri Lanka Bombings

the Christians responding with love

You’re helping Christians in Sri Lanka recover from the devastating Easter Sunday bombings, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Please keep showing love to those caught up in disasters by giving to BMS disaster recovery ministries today.

Six bombs exploded across Sri Lanka three weeks ago, as Christians gathered to celebrate Easter Sunday. The attack was targeted and lethal. More than 250 people were killed and over 500 injured. Churches and hotels were reduced to rubble. On what should have been a day of great celebration, thousands of people were left grieving.

candles in memory of the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings

The horrific bombings in Sri Lanka left the Christian world reeling. But your generous giving has already empowered local people to help in practical ways. You’ve provided £10,000 to support communities now and for the coming years – and you didn’t even know it.

Your gifts have already enabled our partners in Sri Lanka to offer psychosocial care to hurting communities, shelter to refugees and medical supplies to wounded people in hospital. It’s the help they really needed, at the time they needed it.

When you and your church give to support BMS disaster recovery ministries, you’re enabling us to respond to future disasters, as well as helping people affected by what’s in our headlines now. You’re giving in faith and sowing hope – responding before it happens and enabling local Christians’ love to be practical and timely. And to meet real needs, even invisible ones.

The emotional damage caused by disasters can be catastrophic. Working with local churches, our trusted partners on the ground are caring for children and families directly affected by the attacks. Teams of volunteers have been trained to help children in hospitals, through play and art therapy, to begin to cope with the awful things they’ve seen. And they’ll be cared for when they return home too, by teams of people we call ‘Befrienders’. Befrienders are specially trained to work in schools and communities and provide psychological care and emotional support. By making these teams possible, you’ve helped vulnerable children feel safe again. Together, we’re bringing hope to survivors who felt they’d lost everything.

If you’ve ever given to support our relief work, thank you. You’ve helped people like Sri Lanka’s Christians, perhaps without even knowing it. When you support BMS disaster recovery ministries, you’re responding before a disaster happens. Today you could be helping survivors of a terror attack, tomorrow those affected by climate change and natural disasters.

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The easiest thing to do after reading this would be to give thanks and click away. But the better thing to do would be to a take a moment and make a donation. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but we can help Christians around the world to be prepared, when they need it most.

Posted on: May 09 2019

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