Your prayers make a difference:

Pray for our new mission workers

Chris, Debbie, James, Ruth, Louise, Peter, Pippa, Toby, Lisa and Timothy need your prayers.

Packing up their lives to embark on mission in an unknown culture, climate and language was never going to be easy. Meet the ten newest additions to the BMS World Mission family (plus three little ones), who would really, really, really appreciate your prayers as they prepare to serve with us overseas.

We are so encouraged when we know people are praying for us, because we simply can’t do this work without you. If you pray, you make a difference, because then we can make a difference.

Chris and Debbie Carter

Chris and Debbie Carter

Chris is a music teacher and Debbie is a science teacher. The pair will be using their educational skills to teach the children of mission workers in Tirana, Albania. Chris and Debbie will begin their work at GDQ International Christian School in January 2018. Their sending church is Exwick Community Church.

Chris and Debbie’s prayer requests

1. Pray that we would use our time training with BMS in Birmingham wisely, to study and prepare for life in Albania
2. Pray that we would both set up good communication with GDQ, the school we will be teaching at in January, so that we will be ready to start teaching as soon as we arrive
3. Pray for good health and to be able to stay fit

James and Ruth Neve

Please pray for us – this really is a joint venture.

James and Ruth will be moving to India’s capital city in 2018. They hope to use their skills to help meet some of the needs of struggling communities in Delhi. Before joining BMS, Ruth was Senior Minister at Thornhill Baptist Church and James was heading up a frontline debt advice service.

James and Ruth’s prayer requests

1. Pray that we would be able to organise our time well, so that we can embrace all the opportunities that this time of training brings
2. Pray that during our time training with BMS we would be able to establish a weekly rhythm of life that enables us to enjoy God and rest for body, mind and soul – especially in the knowledge that when we eventually move to Delhi, it will be a demanding time
3. Pray that we will make good use of the fact that we are geographically nearer family and be able to enjoy time with them in the coming months

Moving into a new situation is very disorientating and takes a lot of emotional and physical energy – having people praying for you and alongside you helps because you aren’t always in the best place to pray yourself. Texts from friends across the country telling us that they are praying and continuing to pray is just brilliant as it stops us feeling we have to carry everything ourselves.

Louise and Peter Lynch

Louise and Peter will be moving to Bangladesh to support Baptist church leaders. Peter is a Baptist minister who has been leading Worle Baptist Church in Weston-super-Mare, and Louise is an experienced social worker. They’ll be using their skills in pastoral care, training and teaching in their role with BMS in Bangladesh.

Louise and Peter’s prayer requests

1. Pray for our family as we adjust to all being in different places and have said goodbye to our family home
2. Pray for our sending church Worle Baptist Church – as they carry on serving their community and think about appointing a new minister
3. Pray for the work we are going to be part of in Bangladesh

Lisa and Timothy*

We really value your prayers because prayer changes things.

Lisa and Timothy are rejoining BMS, having served with us on our gap year Action Teams programme ten years ago. The pair will be moving to Guinea in 2018, where Lisa hopes to use her training in early childhood studies and development to teach English and help with community development projects and Timothy plans to get involved with microfinance groups. Lisa and Timothy are part of Soul Survivor Church in Watford.

Lisa and Timothy’s prayer requests

1. Pray that we would be blessed with good health – physically, emotionally and mentally
2. Pray that we would know God more deeply and have clarity when reading his word
3. Pray that we would become more like Jesus daily

We are very aware that we can’t do all that is needed in our own strength at the moment, and are deeply grateful for the prayers of those around us to sustain us in God’s strength.

Pippa and Toby Vokuhl

Pippa and Toby will be moving from Oxford to Pokhara, Nepal, in early 2018. Toby has a Master’s in project management and years of experience in the construction industry – all of which will help him come alongside our local partners in disaster response and resilience work there. Pippa and Toby hope to get involved in local church and community projects and will be taking their three children, Jakey (9), Ella (7) and Millie (3) with them. They are being sent by Headington Baptist Church, Oxford.

Pippa and Toby’s prayer requests

1. Pray for strength as we pack up and prepare the family for the move
2. Pray that God would help us in raising all the finances we need, including finding a suitable tenant for our house from January
3. Pray that Toby’s British residency application would be approved in good time before we go overseas

* names changed

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Posted on: September 28 2017

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