Cyclone Idai:

Mozambique needs your prayer

On Thursday 14 March, Cyclone Idai hit the city of Beira, Mozambique. Please join us in prayer for those affected.

Beira has suffered high winds, heavy rains and flooding and 90 per cent of the city may have been affected. Devastation is extensive and many people have lost their lives. BMS World Mission is making contact with local partners and assessing how best we can help. Please pray for Mozambique at this time.

The aftermath

Over 300 people have been reported dead in both Mozambique and Zimbabwe, but fears are that this number may be a grave underestimate. The potential outbreak of waterborne diseases poses a threat to survivors due to the disruption of water supplies, as does the lack of shelter, food and clothing.

The intervention

BMS is assessing the best way to assist in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai. “We are looking to support the Baptist Convention of Mozambique (CBM)’s relief response by strengthening capacity support and lending our help to its relief programme,” says Rachel Conway-Doel, BMS Relief Facilitator.

A map showing Beira, Mozambique
Beira is at the centre of the affected area.

Rachel will be travelling to Mozambique to assist CBM in their response. Pastor Lourenço Tualo Anteiro, CBM President, says CBM is grateful for the support and that CBM has now organised an Internal Emergency IDAI team. “The situation is very difficult,” he said.

BMS will continue to consult with CBM on how British Christians can best support the Mozambican Church in its response and will be sending personnel from the UK to help in assessing need.

The situation is very difficult.

Updates on personnel

We have been in touch with our mission personnel on the ground:

  • Carlos Tique Jone is in Beira assessing damage to buildings. “I praise the Lord that I am alive,” he told BMS.
  • Jane Edwards has flown into Maputo instead of home to Beira.
  • Sergio and Liz Vilela are currently out of the country. Sergio plans to make the journey to Beira soon.
  • Annet and Damien Ttendo-Miller are currently in Uganda.
  • Mark, Susanna, and Lizzie Barrell are at their home in Maputo.

Please pray especially for our local workers in and around Beira. BMS has been in touch with:

  • Pr Moises, General Secretary
  • Anibel
  • Carlos
  • Fernando and Lidia, Association of Mozambican Christian Lawyers (AMAC)
  • Staff at the AMAC office

Pray for Mozambique

  1. Pray for all those in Beira, including BMS World Mission worker Carlos Tique Jone and his family. Pray that those who need help would receive it soon and that God would use his people to bring relief and help even now.
  2. Pray for those who have lost family members and homes. Pray that God would bring them the help they need and that we who have not been affected can find ways to be useful and merciful to them.
  3. Pray for God to strengthen those helping and comfort those traumatised.
  4. Pray for all BMS mission personnel and local workers, that they will be safe and be used by God in the lives of their community at this very difficult time.
  5. Pray for the relief response following this tragedy. Pray that Beira will recover quickly.
  6. Pray for a compassionate, sustainable and God-inspired response from the international community, including our community of churches.

Thank you for your love for Mozambique. Please keep praying for the people of Beira and for our partners there. If you would like to do something more, you can help our Mozambican partners on the ground with relief and recovery work by giving now.

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Posted on: March 15 2019

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