100 families drink clean water thanks to UK Christians

A community and school in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains have access to safe water thanks to UK churches and BMS World Mission.

Imagine having to walk for three hours to collect river water so that your children can have something to drink. Some hot food to eat. A way to be clean.

Imagine carrying a full 20-litre jerry can on your head up steep hills in the hot sun, because if you don’t your whole family will suffer.

We all need water – but for many communities in Uganda, accessing it is a daily struggle. That’s why people in Musyenene, a village in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains, are so thankful for the rainwater tank UK Christians have provided for them.

By supporting BMS, you’ve helped to transform lives in Musyenene. Find out how by watching this two-minute video:

Every time it rains, families in Muysenene and surrounding villages can access to up to 10,000 litres of water. People who used to have to walk for hours to collect river water can now get clean water much closer to home. This is not only saving time – especially for mothers and children who are generally responsible for collecting the water – it’s also affecting the spiritual and physical health of the community.

“Because of the tank, sanitation is okay here now,” says Ezra Muhind, a teacher at Musyenene’s school, which educates around 300 children from the surrounding area. “The tank has improved the health status of people in the community.”

Asumini Namatovu, a mother of five, says that the water tank has helped her family a lot. “My children are now healthy. They are drinking safe water,” she says. “I send a lot of thanks to the people who gave us this tank, because for a long time people did not have water and were suffering.”

School teacher Ezra Muhind says that the water tank has improved the health of the community
School teacher Ezra Muhind says that the water tank has improved the health of the community

Musyenene Baptist Church, which is the custodian of the water tank, is also noticing a change. Pastor Kasoro Tadeo, who leads the church, says that the tank has opened up opportunities for him to meet new people and invite them in. As a result of supplying free, no-strings-attached water, the church has welcomed more people into the family.

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Villages in the Rwenzori Mountains have access to clean running water thanks to UK Christians
Florence and Namatovu no longer have to walk for miles to get water for their families

Pastor Kasoro and the team looking after the water tank make sure that each person in the community takes only their share so that no-one in need goes without and everyone benefits from the water. The result is that families who once went to sleep without drinking or bathing don’t have to anymore. They now have access to clean water close to home.

“Water is life,” says Pastor Kasoro, “and without it, nothing can be done.”

Thank you for bringing life to Musyenene!


With special thanks to St Cuthbert’s, Rye Park, for their support of this project.

Posted on: March 21 2017

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