New Topics of Conversation

We have found recently that our conversation is now being dominated by two new topics of conversation that we rarely talked about before. They are the topics of sleep and toilet habits. And before you get worried, we haven’t suddenly started talking about our own toilet habits, but it of course means that our baby has arrived! We now spend our days talking about how little sleep we’re getting and how we both hope we are not the one holding the baby when the next poo explodes inside the nappy. The third thing that babies do a lot of, eating, is not a new topic of conversation for us as we both love food, we just find ourselves talking a lot more about milk than we used to.


After the bump had been named ‘Judith’ by Lisa’s sisters so we didn’t have to call the baby ‘it’, it was somewhat predictable that when the baby came into the world we quickly realised that it was in fact baby Jude. We both love having our little boy around and learning how to live with a baby. Jude’s party trick at the moment is to keep us awake in the middle of the night, but then give us a very cute smile to make the sleepless nights worth it.


Jude has had many visits from friends and family and is usually the star of the show. It’s amazing how people are very happy to hold him until he starts crying or there’s a bad smell. He quickly gets handed back to us at that moment and we now see how parents have no one else to hand their baby to at these times. Jude enjoyed his first experience of a world cup, or maybe that is Timothy enjoyed that some of his time of looking after Jude coincided with lots of football being on TV. Timothy is desperately hoping that Jude gets into sport so when there is any sport on TV there will be two people that want to watch it so Lisa will be outnumbered every time. Lisa would much prefer for Jude to get into things such as cooking and arts and crafts. We’re very excited to see what kind of person Jude will turn out to be.


We have also been very blessed that Jude is a strong and healthy baby and has now been given medical clearance to go to Guinea. Once he has had all his immunisations this means we should be making our way over to Guinea in late September or early October. We currently have a list things we want to buy before going to Guinea, with Jude seemingly needing more things than both of us combined. We’re excited about the journey we will be embarking on in a couple of months and we’re sure living in Guinea will mean many more new topics of conversation for us.


Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts


Lisa and Timothy