New baby!!!

We are always learning of the many traditions that Mozambicans have and there is one I learn of quite early on when we arrived and I had the opportunity to take part in it recently. It is done by Churches but probably all religions will have their own similar ceremony. When a baby is born, it must stay inside the house until the umbilical word has fallen off and the women from the Church have a ceremony at the house and the baby is presented to them. Then the baby can go outside in the fresh air. Due to timings, this ceremony was a bit late happening, which meant that the baby had been inside the house for its first 3 weeks of life, in temperatures of 35 degrees!!!!! I’m sure he slept well that night.

During the ceremony, the  women pray, sing, read scripture, give advice to the parents, and then dance and singing whilst passing the baby around so each woman can have a turn. We even got cake and fizzy drinks on this day.

There are many traditions here in Mozambique and we learn about new ones each day but when we ask why they do certain things, they don’t know why. Traditions are traditions, they are carried out automatically through the generations with no questions as to why. This can be dangerous as Churches also go through the same traditions and they can be very unBiblical and unhealthy. There are other traditions that celebrate the Mozambican culture in an amazing way and no one should challenge them. We encourage people here to question why they do certain things as many people don’t do that, not in a negative or degrading way but so that they can be informed and know that what they do is honouring to God or not.