My ‘normal’ cycle to work

June 2018

2017-08-24 15.56.39 (2)Our bikes

As I left the house this morning and set off down the road on my bicycle, a few thoughts struck me. Most of which would come under the title of ‘don’t do this at home’! Or, ‘a different kind of normal’.

Cow for blog 2

this road aint big enough for the both of us!

First of all, I had to negotiate my way past a cow grazing in the lane that leads out of our house onto the main road. She looked at me as if to ask why I was getting in her way!!

Then, the road was quite busy, so I did what I normally do: turn immediately right ie down the wrong side of the road (traffic is on the left as in UK) and just gradually drift across to the other side as traffic allowed/ moved around me. Quite normal practise here, but definitely don’t try this at home!

A few speed bumps and pot holes later, most of which I have learned to avoid or at least hit at the least painful place, I came to the even bigger road which I cross. It is the main road into Pokhara. Full of buses and trucks, tractors and motor bikes. Now, if I behaved as I would at home, I think I would never get to work. What I do is slowly nudge out and move across as gaps open up, first one side and then the other.

Pray that we quickly readjust and definitely do not try this one at home!!

Before you think otherwise given what I have said above, I must tell you that I enjoy my morning ride to work. Not least because it is pretty much down hill (coming back at the end of the day is less fun!), but mostly for the people I wave and nod to as I go. Now familiar faces sitting outside their homes and shops to whom I smile and say good morning.