Ministry Department of homemade beauty products!

Here is how we celebrated Women’s Day here in Mozambique, a pampering session.

I Googled different ways of making a face scrub and mask, hand exfoliater, and food soak…… one of the many roles I thought I would undertake as a BMS missionary!

Mozambicans take very seriously special days, like, children’s day, independence day, workers day, etc. so it’s no surprise that when 7th April comes around, women make the most of the day to celebrate themselves! Last year the women at Church didn’t do anything together so I gave the idea to do something. So just a few of us came to the Church to cook lunch and be pampered. I was given the job to prepare an activity for the day and I thought of a pampering session. I have products at home that I could use but then I thought that’s not very culturally relevant as the women don’t have them at home. So then came the idea to make homemade products, which isn’t something I have ever done or even thought about. The women said their skin felt so soft afterwards and they all wanted the instructions to make the same products at home.

In everything we do here, we have to think about being culturally appropriate in order to be most effective and to get alongside the local people. This was a really positive experience that was shared with the women and also so simple. I thank God for this Church family and these women, for all I am learning from them and with them.