Lucifer’s Zombies in Ñañaland

A week ago I went up to Ñana with the Action Team, about a 2hr journey on Public transport. Ñaña was the community badly affected by floods and landslides a couple of years ago which Bethel church provided aid to. Since then one of our seminary students who lives locally has kept a Bible study group going, and we took the advantage to visit the home where this is held, a wooden house built precariously at the foot of a cliff. As the conversation progressed one of the teenagers who participated in the Bible studies shared a few of his questions. Among the highlights:

  1. Is the reference to people eating their own children in some obscure part of Jeremiah Biblical evidence for the existence of zombies? (Short answer, no!)
  2. Why did God not destroy his firstborn son, Jesus’s older brother, Lucifer when he rebelled? (Where do you start on this one … not so short answer involves pointing out that the use of Lucifer as a name for star of the morning in Isaiah is a KJV blooper, and that the passage refers to the king of Babylon and not satan anyway!)

It led me to reflect with our minister that even in a place with no running water or sewage, there is the need for biblically literate, theologically competent and culturally savvy teaching, as anyone with a smartphone can have access to the smorgasbord of ideas on the internet, and in Peru, people may not have running water, may not have a proper toilet, but they will nearly all have a smartphone of some kind.

Suitable pictures left to the imagination.