Life after the cyclone



It’s strange but also amazing to see how life continues even after a catastrophic natural disaster. To see how people pick themselves back up again and continue with life in the best way they can. Life for us is quite busy and we are involved in organising and doing some relief work as well as getting back to normal with our Church life, home school/nursery, etc.

At our Good Friday service, Liz sung and danced with the women of the Church. The Church was full and it was a great moment together. As you can see in the videos below, our Church is looking much better than on our last blog post! Thanks to God who provided for our needs.


On Easter Sunday, we celebrated 3 baptisms, a couple and also a husband of someone who has already been baptised. We gave thanks to God that there was enough water for the baptisms! It was a great day to celebrate Jesus rising to life and also these 4 people becoming new creations.

Sergio and Carlos have been and are still busy giving food kits to those most in need in the Baptist Churches, from money that was donated to the Baptist Convention of Mozambique (CBM).


Also some friends asked Sergio to help them distribute food to families of a rural PEPE, and it was a great opportunity because Chloe came and helped …

We give thanks to God for all that He is doing in the lives of the people here after such an awful event, and the way he has united people from all over the world to help others.

Please continue to pray for Mozambique as cyclone Kenneth and the floods has caused more destruction and fatalities in the North. We live far away from that area but lots of others have been affected by it and it’s so tragicomédias to have two major Cyclones come to Mozambique in six weeks. We look to the hills and where does our help come from? From the Maker of heaven and Earth!