“I used to smack the children but now I’ve learnt a different way”

This is a phrase that I’ve heard from a few people whilst doing child protection training, and my hope and prayer is that many more have that conviction in their hearts even if they don’t express it in words…..but hopefully my new area of work will help those children who are suffering in different ways.


I spent 2 weeks in France doing the first part of a post graduate certificate in play therapy skills. It was very intense for the 39 students (representing various countries) – 15 days of 9am-5pm learning in the French Summer heat (well we have 2 half days), and then we had homework on top of that each evening. It was a time of learning about yourself as well as learning how to carry out play therapy. We played with sand, musical instruments, puppets, ribbons, plasticine, as well as learning some theory….. I could see God in so much of the language that was used and the principles behind non-directive play therapy that I had to remind myself that I was not in a Christian environment.


I left France excited about putting into practice what I had learnt but also with trepidation as the course was taught in a UK/Western context with its infrastructure, so there is some uncertainty of how I will deal with situations in the context that I am in and a concern of starting something new by myself. However, on the course I met a therapist from South Africa who will be my supervisor and will guide me in my practice.

The neuroscience and attachment theory really helped me to identify possible reasons for why people act the way they do. It has given me more passion to want to help people in Mozambique, to help children to help themselves, enabling them to have a brighter future and to know that their circumstances do not define who they are but they can push through and be great and do great things.

right:left brain

I believe that God has blessed me so much to be able to leave my family and go to France to do the course, meet a great person to be my supervisor, and open the door for a placement. I am so thankful and I want to honour God for the trust He has placed in me to fulfil this ministry.