Heading back

This is our last week of our home assignment; we have been in the UK for 11 weeks and will be returning back on 22 January. As we reach the end of our home assignment and as we say our good byes we have been truly thankful once again to the Churches and all the support given.

In the midst of travelling, the kids enjoyed the many different Sunday schools they were able to attend. Joshua undertook the task of rating each one. Thank you to all who accommodated us, gave us meals and showed us such hospitality. We are also thankful that we were able to spend quality time with both families and friends, having two Christmas meals and the children were thoroughly spoilt by grandparents. We also were able to attend our home Church for a couple of services, which was very special.

We are all looking forward to being back in Gulu, seeing friends, colleagues and our dog Molly and getting back to the projects.

We would really value your prayers for the journey and flight ahead and readjusting to life back in the heat. We also would like prayer for GGS, Lindsey our year 2 teacher will not be returning after maternity leave, we will miss her please pray for the school and for God’s provision in providing another year 2 teacher and a director.


Many blessings


Linda, Tim, Joshua, Annabelle and Elsa