Heading back to the desert

After having spent a lovely two months in the UK, my thoughts are now turning to returning to Chad on Friday 2nd November.  I am looking forward to getting back to my ‘normal’, despite that not actually being too ‘normal’ for a girl from Devon!  

It’s been great to see parts of the UK I’ve never been to before, while doing my home assignment Church visits and talking about the work of Guinebor II Hospital.  Thank you so much to the Churches, groups and individuals who have welcomed me, given me a meal and/or a bed for the night, and overwhelmingly told me of your ongoing support of both me and the hospital.  It’s been great to meet so many people who are interested in the work of the hospital.

It’s also been great to see family and friends while I’ve been here, as well as experiencing my first autumn for three years.  I really miss the changing seasons and it’s been good to see the beauty of the leaves changing colour:

So, as the weather here in the UK is getting increasingly colder, I am now preparing both practically and mentally for returning to the heat and dust of Chad.  As of next January, I will have been in Chad as a long-term mission worker for 3 years.  The culture shock has largely worn off but I read a really good article recently that a friend shared on Facebook about culture stress.  It’s a slightly different phenomenon than culture shock and is constantly part of my life.  If you’d like to read this short article on culture stress and learn another angle of my life in Chad, click here

Thanks for following my life and work in Chad.  My next blog will be sent from Chad, so keep an eye out for it!