“He was adamant he was going to marry me”

Action Team Profile 3

Who are you? Rhiannon, 18 years old

Where are you from? A wee seaside town in the North East of Scotland called Lossiemouth

What will you be doing when you finish your Action Team tour? I will be starting university in Aberdeen in September where I will study primary education.

Why did you decide to go on an Action Team? I chose to do action teams because for a long time I felt God was calling me to do some form of mission work. I heard about action teams around two years ago and it just seemed perfect for what I wanted to do, especially as I had been planning to do a gap year before university to really learn more about God an build my relationship with Him, while being able to serve others too.

Best moment: One of my best moments was at one of our adult/teenage English classes we had in the evenings. We made such good friends with all the people there and it was so enjoyable. One night while we were waiting for all the people to arrive, they started teaching us Mozambican worship songs and teaching us how to dance properly! It was so great and we had such a laugh, and teaching them how to Scottish ceilidh dance was so much fun! We danced the whole evening (all while speaking English don’t worry) but it was a lovely night.

Strangest moment: One of my stranger moments here happened in a Spar in beira. To cut a long story short one of the workers was adamant he was going to marry me and every time we went to get shopping this because a lot harder to ignore, to the point where Sergio went into Spar and explained he was my father and could not marry me! We have not spoken to him since but I think that deterred him.

What did God say to you through this time? My favourite verses I really prayed over was in Ephesians 5:1-2 which says: ‘Therefore be imitators of God, as dearly loved children. And walk in love, as the messiah also loved us and gave himself for us, a sacrificial and fragrant offering to us’. Being in Mozambique brought me so much joy and happiness and I love being able to meet other Christians and share in fellowship with them, and to ‘walk in love’ with everyone I saw there, from my team to the Vilelas, to the people involved in our projects and to those we see on the street! This verse for me was a reminder to try and follows Christ’s example – in a place where we did stand out a lot, so that those we met who didn’t know Christ might see a bit of who He is through us and the way we act and treat people. I love this verse because it reminds me why I was able to be in Mozambique, because of God’s love for me and the fact he’s given me this opportunity to share it.