Happy New Year

We have just complete our 7th Christmas here in Nepal. Hard to believe that we have been here so long. This Christmas was also our first living “up the hill” in Techo and celebrating in this new neighbourhood. 

On 22nd December we threw open the gates to our courtyard (literally) and invited friends and neighbours to join us in western and nepali carols around the bonfire. We were unsure whether any would come and how it would be received. But as we sang and played enthusiastically;Caleb on clarinet, Charis on Flute, Helen on saxophone and Angus leading the bideshi singers, neighbours began to drift in to listen. We were joined by our Nepali church music group who led us in lively singing, drama and dance. As our pastor gave the Christmas story and message, I prayed for those listening. Looking around there were over 50 people, including approx 20 neighbours, many of whom we had never met before.

Afterwards we shared Newari Khaja (snacks) and western treats. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and the children certainly tucked into the treats with gusto.

 It was a fun evening, but also very special. To be publicly singing songs celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Light of the world, within sight and sound of the local Hindu temple. Sharing the good news of Christmas in this new area.

Jesus Immanuel, God with us – whoever and wherever we are.