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A global conversation about local mission

How to Mission draws on 225 years of doing mission, making mistakes, and learning from partners around the world, to help you and your church. Come to BMS Birmingham and engage with mission thinking and fruitful practice from around the world.
Be prepared and informed for outreach in your own context.

How to Mission is a Catalyst Live event presented by BMS World Mission

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How to Mission is three days of conversations with BMS partners, personnel and friends, sharing practice, research and thinking on global mission and its implications for witness in the secular West.

Think about your community in a new way. Learn from and with the World Church. Be a part of what God is doing around the world.

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Book a day ticket for £75 or the half-day on Wednesday for just £45. Email Richard on

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new schedule. Prabhu Singh will now be speaking on Monday and Kang-San will be speaking on Wednesday. If you have any queries please use the email address above.

8-10 July, 2019

BMS Birmingham
24 Weoley Park Road
Selly Oak, Birmingham
B29 6QX

£275 full board

Think global, act local

Topics for learning and discussion:

  • Christ-ward movements in the pluralism of South Asia
  • From developments to discipleship in southern African contexts
  • Missional Church and leadership formation in the turbulence of the Middle East
  • Learning from the witness and theology of the Global Church
  • Insights into fruitful practice from BMS partners and personnel from Peru to Malaysia
  • Mission from the World Church to the secular West

Listen to the World Church, learn from their experience,
love your neighbours better.


Elie Haddad

Elie Haddad, President and lecturer in Leadership and Mission Ecclesiology at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon.

  • Leadership in times of change: lessons learned by the Middle Eastern Church
  • The Church in times of change: developing a missional framework
Prabhu Singh

Prabhu Singh, Principal of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Director of the Centre of Intercultural Studies, India.

  • Sink, swim or surf? The third wave of missions – contextual challenges and creative responses
  • The third wave of missions – contextual challenges and creative responses
  • The emergence of Christward movements: issues and its implications
Deborah Hancox

Deborah Hancox, consultant to Christian development agencies, South Africa.

  • Following to make a way: a theory of waymaking
Kang-San Tan

Kang-San Tan, General Director, BMS World Mission, former Executive Director at AsiaCMS, Malaysia.

  • Learning theology from global voices: African and Latin American theologians
Loun Ling Lee

Loun Ling Lee, Lecturer in Mission and MA Facilitator at Redcliffe College, former Training Director, AsiaCMS, Malaysia.

  • Learning theology from global voices: Asian theologians
Dave and Michele Mahon

Dave and Michele Mahon, BMS Mission workers, Peru.

  • Worship, fellowship and insights

Plus contributions from a range of BMS mission and training staff

Don’t forget you can book for the day (£75) or just for Wednesday (£45) and ask any questions by emailing Richard on