More fundraising ideas

Looking for some great ways to support BMS and get your church involved?

Auction of promises

Ask members of your church to donate ‘promises’ or ‘lots’ – for example, to cook a meal, wash a car, give an hour of gardening or ironing, a manicure, a computer lesson, dog walking, or babysit for an evening. Whatever their skills or availability, everyone has something to offer. Other church members bid for the promise and the highest bidder wins. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other and have fun, while raising money for BMS. If you would like to organise your auction online, a helpful website is


The youth group could invite the church to attend a BBQ (in church grounds or a willing adult’s garden) and sell tickets for the event. The young people can then cook and serve the adults with food and organise games such as bowls and team challenges.

BMS Cash-in-the-Attic

Ask your church members to donate items for sale that can be sold through local auctioneers. Find an auction house that does commission-free selling for charities so that the hammer price is the price you get and can send on to BMS.

Cake party

Hold a cake party for the creative members of your church or those who also enjoy cake. Bake or buy a number of plain cup cakes. Have a selection of cake toppings available – buttercream, jam, allsorts, jelly beans, hundreds and thousands etc, the list is endless – and invite members of your church to buy a cake and create their own topping. Hold this after a Sunday service or at a children’s or youth event. You could award a prize for the most creative cake decoration!

Carol singing

Organise a church and community social event that will raise money for BMS. After singing carols outside your church or holding a community carol service, sell coffee and mince pies. A great way to get to know other people in your town or village.


Hold a ceilidh in your church, with the money raised through the entrance fee and refreshments supporting the work of BMS.

Christmas bazaar

There are often many gifted, creative people in our fellowships. Encourage your church members to create craft items for a Christmas bazaar – for example, greeting cards, cakes, mincemeat, jams, homemade sweets, knitted or crocheted items, dried flower arrangements, or bring along new items to sell that they cannot use themselves. Have a selection of BMS cards and gift tags to include in your items for sale, available on a sale or return basis. Everyone enjoys a cup of tea or coffee, and include seasonal cakes and pies with your refreshments. It’s a great way to prepare for Christmas and raise funds for BMS.

Christmas cards and gift tags stall

Organise a stall at your church to sell BMS Christmas cards and gift tags. We have some beautiful cards at reasonable prices, and special gift tags to raise money for BMS children’s work. You can arrange to order these on a sale or return basis by contacting Pam Fitzgerald on 01235 517617 or email

Clothes swap

A great way to inspire your church to get involved in ethical shopping and also fundraise for BMS. This could be an event at your church or a reason to invite some friends round. Set out some rules like how many items of clothing or accessories each guest should bring. At the event you can give out a token for every item to keep things fair. Ask everyone to pre-sort their clothes by size or category. Try and be creative in setting out the room. You will need tables, mirrors and hanging rails if you have them. You might also want to find an area to use as a fitting room. Have some browsing time at the start of the event then let the swapping begin. You can fundraise for BMS at the same time, selling cakes and refreshments at the event or even charging a small entrance fee.

Fast meal

One in eight people in the world go to bed hungry each night (source: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation). Encourage members of your church to fast for 12 hours, say from 7 am to 7 pm. Use that time for reflection and prayer. Donate the cost of the meal they have missed to BMS, supporting our work feeding the hungry and creating livelihoods for the poor.

Quiz evening

Have your church invite friends and family to a quiz evening. People could pay to enter a team and raise money for BMS.

If you hold a special event to raise money for BMS, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Suzanne Linnell at

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