Following His example

Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. This was unheard of to see a teacher washing His followers’ feet.
If Jesus Christ is willing to humbly and unconditionally serve His followers then His disciples should follow His example and be willing to perform even the most lowly tasks.
On a recent trip to a Santali Christian village we were greeted by flower petals being thrown over us whilst traditional Santal music was being played. We were seated in a place of honour and flower garlands placed over our heads. Then a young village girl came before us and started to wash our feet and anoint us with oil.
These indigenous people of West Bengal have taken the words of Jesus and put them into practice by washing the feet of their guests.
It may not be so comfortable for the guests we receive in the West but there are other ways we can symbolically ‘wash the feet’ of those we want to be of service to. Use your God given gifts for the benefit of others, share words of love and encouragement or stand up for those who are unable to do so for themselves.
The Santal people were honoured to be able to serve us in the way that they could.  It was one of the most humbling experiences I have had in my time in Bangladesh and makes me want to follow more literally the example of Jesus Christ.
Tamak and Tumda drums with Harmonium