¡Feliz Año Nuevo! (Happy New Year)

Christmas Day in Nauta, Peru

Our first Christmas here in Iquitos was a memorable one. Christmas here is celebrated on the night of 24th December. As a result, the neighbours were up all night, playing loud music, eating and drinking. At midnight the whole region exploded literally, with fireworks and many kids running around the neighbourhood, screaming and shouting. You can imagine the little Mahon’s had little sleep that night!

We also celebrated a memorable Christmas Day with our colleagues and friends in Nauta. We had turkey, mince pies (made by Michele and the Kids) and some of the usual trimmings. We sang carols in English, watched the Queens speech on Youtube, and played the usual Christmas games in the afternoon.

In 2019 is a year of wonderful opportunity for us.  Here is brief overview of our plans January so far; we would again appreciate your prayers for us.

Jan 7-11

We will be starting the first of our six training weeks for the Pastors here. Michele will be one of our main speakers, teaching on youth and children’s ministry. We’d appreciate your prayers for her as this is a new module in the current curriculum.  While she is teaching, I will be looking after our kids. Jonathan Ruth and Phoebe are currently on school holidays until March.

Jan 14-18

The following week we will travelling to attend the Peruvian Baptist Assembly here in Trujillo, situated on the coast of Peru.

Jan 21 –28 Scheduled family holidays in Lima. We are looking forward to having a well-earned rest!

Jonathan, Ruth and Phoebe in Lima, Peru.