So I have been working full time for over 2 months and although it is still very early days, I am finding a routine for myself. For example, every Friday I go to Baan Sabaay (the emergency shelter for people in times of crisis), with a member of the CAM team to spend time and have fellowship with the clients currently using the centre. Normally we have lunch together and then we do a short bible study.

Before starting at CAM, I had many expectations about what I would be doing and even though I am still learning the ropes, I have been asked to carry out somethings I did not ever dream I would do…..teaching English and lecturing nursing students.

As previously written I visit Baan Sabaay every Friday, to spend time with the clients staying there. In the last month I have been asked to start them English. So far I am making my way through the alphabet and teaching some basic phrases. But I have really enjoyed teaching them and helping them build up their skills.


In the first couple of weeks of starting with CAM I went along to a celebration of an opening of a new building in a local hospital. I went with another member of staff to do a bit of networking and met a lecturer from a nursing school at a University in Chiang Mai. Once she found out I was working with CAM and planning to help them develop their palliative care provision, she asked me to come and give a lecture to her nursing students.

Last week I gave a lecture on nursing and health care in the UK, with a particular focus on palliative care provision. Again, to my surprise, I really enjoyed giving the lecture and sharing with the students. I did the lecture in English, as my Thai is not quite strong enough, especially with some of the medical terms, but I did the introduction to myself in Thai, which they appreciated. I think they were able to understand most of the talk as there was a time for questions at the end and thankfully questions were asked that reflected what I had just said.

Amongst the things I thought I would be doing here in Thailand, teaching English and lecturing was not part of it. When first asked to do them, I was a little overwhelmed but I have loved teaching and hope that these opportunities will continue and look forward to other unexpected opportunities God might bring my way.