Cold on the inside

Scarf? Check.

Thick jumper? Check.

Warm coat? Check.

Blanket? Check.

One of the most common questions we are asked when we are visiting the UK is, “What’s the weather like in Nepal?” Some even suggest that it must be quite cold living near all those mountains. Well, most of the year it’s definitely not cold – quite the opposite.

However, we are now in the ‘chiso mahina’ or ‘cold months’ ie winter. Up in the mountains that does of course mean cold weather and lots of snow. But here in Pokhara we don’t see any snow, in fact it never even gets anywhere near freezing and most days are usually sunny and dry. And yet getting ready to go to the office in the morning all the above clothing is necessary. Not for the journey to work but for the working day inside the office! Outside the sun can bring the temperature up to around 20C/70F during the middle of the day, but inside all the time we are wrapped up in jumpers and jackets and some even have blankets over their knees. Buildings made of mainly concrete are designed to keep us cool in the hot summers but don’t keep any heat during the ‘chiso mahina’. At lunchtime everyone sits outside to warm up again and sometimes meetings are held outside in the sun.

In case you’re wondering why we don’t have heaters – it won’t be many weeks before the weather turns warm again and we’ll have quickly forgotten the jumpers and jackets, as temperatures rise quickly. But for now we continue to get dressed up warm to go indoors and take layers off to go outside.


Wrapped up for work


Layers to add after arriving at work


Catching some rays – it’s much warmer outside