Church Visits – Do you want one?!

Welcome back at Michael and Maureen’s Porter.


We are now back in the UK enjoy this cold weather, yes cold weather – we almost need a jumper at night!! Being back over last three weeks we haven’t really stopped yet as we’ve had so much to get initially sorted.

We really wanted say a massive thank you to our partner churches, as we know you have been lifting us in prayer, sending emails, sending parcels and gifts. It’s truly awesome to have had all your support. So thank you on our behalf and a massive thank you on the behalf of BMS World Mission/Cyan. We continue to work with the organisation until the end of November 2018, as we remake a life here in the UK and settle in Birmingham.


Travellers Rest Team


Church visits

We just wanted to briefly mention Church visits and now we are back we can be more open on here. Last year BMS were inundated with requests for us to come and visit. There seems to be some misunderstanding about visits from us so let us clarify our dates.

YOU MUST BOOK THROUGH KEITH LIDDLE AT BMS                      by the 9/10th August and we are very happy for you to copies us in

We are happy to come to Churches of an evening in the week, or on Saturdays as we did last year and of course Sundays.

Will be available from 23rd September until 25th October.

The only Sundays we will be available for visits are as follows:

Sunday 23rd September
Sunday 30th September
Sunday 14th October
Sunday 21st October
Sunday 11th November

Next blog

We will write a new blog shortly and explain what we have being doing over the last couple of weeks, but for now we thank God for clearly going before us and finding first choice schooling options for all three girls. God clearly opened doors as the day we visited all three schools all three had places become available that day!! God has also blessed us with our housing being sorted until the end of the year.

We popped in to see the Queen on Monday after our medicals in medicals.

Prayer request

For the girls to re connect with old friends.

As a family as we get use to living in such a different culture.

For people to realise that we just don’t settle back in, we’ve not been on holiday, we’ve been on the coal face of mission and we feel battered and bruised!  Time, friends, support, and God’s grace will make this easier.

For the mourning of the loss of great friends, of our project and the wonderful team we were blessed to come alongside in Kolkata.

For our house to sell so we can buy in Birmingham; and for the right transport to come along for us as a family.

For an opening for jobs later in the year. That we will use this time over the next few months, to reflect, heal and transition well. We know God has a plan for us as nothing on this journey will be wasted.

Most of all for Travellers Rest cafe to continue to grow!

The Travellers rest Team
Vicky, David, Soma, Stephen and Sukumar.