Celebrating being BMS in Nepal

Dear friends,

The farewell programs have started.  Last Sunday we had a get together of the BMS team in Nepal.  Both ourselves and the Parnell family are leaving this summer.  We played games together at the newly constructed futsal pitch at KISC and then went to the Drews house for some supper and had a chance to say goodbye to our colleagues.  It was a poignant moment, even though we will see some of them again at IMC during the summer at the time of the Gathering, a mid-week retreat for all the workers who are back in the country.

The BMS team is quite diverse.  We work with a number of different partners in Nepal and in different locations.  Being part of the BMS team has been a constant feature of our life here.  We have welcomed and bid farewell to many colleagues, we have hosted 3 Action Teams and been involved with visitors who have come to experience what mission means in Nepal.  Our lives have been enriched through these encounters.

BMS Team May 2018

NSI are throwing a farewell party for Ian on Friday night.  More about that later.