Burns, car accidents, physical punishment,……..

On Saturday, Liz had the opportunity to speak about child protection to approximately 50 parents whose children attend a few different PEPEs in the area. This is something new to many people here, who have probably never thought about all the dangers that surround children and how they could be prevented.

There are many cases of children being hit by cars, or getting accidentally burned by hot water, or being badly hurt by physical punishments. Many children are left at home on their own, or older siblings are left to look after younger siblings. One person spoke of their neighbour who left their 5 year old, either at home or by a shop, and she went to the supermarket. The child went after his mum but there was a road in the way and as he crossed, a car hit him. After bleeding lots, he passed away after a few days in hospital. Another mum showed the scars of her baby who was burnt by hot water when he was 8 months old. She said it was a miracle that he is still alive!

Of course no one can prevent a child from having an accident but there is so much that can be done to prevent many accidents happening.

Using certain objects, Liz discussed with the parents how each item could cause danger – matches, knives, cars, people, medicine, charcoal, water, a stick (used for punishments) etc. From their reactions, many seemed to understand the message. Our prayer is that all that was spoken about on Saturday will have had an impact on at least some of the attendees and that they will be more aware of the dangers and how to protect their children.